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Our Mission:
to provide Accurate, Informative, and Cost Effective Services to Help You and Your Business Succeed!

Established in 1996, Access Profiles, Inc. (API) is a Woman-Owned Business providing Hiring & Job Search Services, Small Business Mentoring, and both Physical Security and Nuclear Security Consulting Services.  

Whether for You 
or Your Business, 
our Passion and Focus is on 
providing you with services focused on your needs, your problems, 
the growth of your business.  

We can help you achieve your goals!

About Us:

Kimberly Kline 

Kim is the President of Access Profiles and in charge of API's Hiring, Job Search, and Small Business Mentoring Services.  

Kim is devoted to providing you with the Quality Employment Screening you need to make an informed hiring decision.  

When it comes to hiring, Kim believes Knowledge is Power!

Kim will work together with you to develop a sound and compliant screening policy that focuses on your unique needs and your bottom line.

Helping you achieve your own success is important.  That is the ultimate "why" upon which Kim founded 
Access Profiles!

David Kline

David is General Manager of Operations at API.  He heads our Physical Security and Nuclear Security division.

David has been in the Security sector since 1987.  His extensive leadership and practical experience includes: 

Access Authorization
Fitness for Duty
Physical Security
Cyber Security
Physical Security Plan Administration
NRC Regulation Compliance
Force on Force Readiness Reviews
NRC Inspection  Readiness Reviews
Safety Conscience Work Environment  Improvement
Labor Relations
Contract Security Management
Contract Administration
Contract Contingency Planning
Security Management Mentoring

Visit David's LinkedIn profile to find out more about his experience and skills.  

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