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I am Taking a Holiday Break, Are You?

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I love the holidays.  For me, it has always been an entire season that begins with Thanksgiving and doesn’t end until after the New Year!

It is a time filled with family gatherings, seeing friends, baking cookies (which really only happens once a year!), watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas carols.  

And the quiet times spent with all the lights off except for the tree, a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, are my absolute favorite!

The holidays are also when my family takes complete precedence over work.  While during the year I balance the two, one winning over the other as necessary, I need this time for family.

To that end, I will be taking a break from blog writing and work until the new year

I wish all of you the chance to do the same! 

I will be sharing some old posts with a theme of looking forward and helping you with your business.  I hope you enjoy them!

May you remember to savor the memories you will create with those you love.  Nothing says holidays more!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Background Checks ~ What Companies are Really Looking For!

Created by Kimberly Kline
Anyone in the market for a new job (whether that be with a new company or for a promotion within) will most likely be subject to a Background Check.

What will be searched can vary, both company to company and job position to job position. However, there are common denominators among the majority of Background Checks.

And despite employment screening being a common practice, many are still confused about what a company is really searching for and why.

The list below will help clear up any misconceptions and, hopefully, give you some peace of mind when you find yourself facing an employment background check.

Employment Background Checks ~ 
What an Employer is Really Looking For  
the Common Misconceptions about each:

  • An Honest List of Your Job Titles & Employment Date
What an Employer is Looking For ~ The types of jobs you have held, how long you were in a position, did you progress within the company, and your reason for leaving.  In addition, they are interested in any projects you worked on or spear-headed while there.

Misconception ~ Many believe that embellishing a resume is such a common practice that doing so is not a problem.  And others feel like they have to do it to compete in a crowded job market.  Both of these are wrong.

The Truth ~ For most positions, part of your background check will include past employment verification.  Here your prospective employer will contact the human resources department at your old job and ask about your title, your employment dates, and possibly your salary.  Being less than truthful about any of these things, therefore, is a good way to get flagged as a liar.

  • A List of Your Education and Skills
What an Employer is Looking For ~ The first thing they want verified is whether you possess the degree or training needed to fulfill the job requirements.  They are also interested in determining if you were truthful in the education or skills listed on your resume.

Misconception ~ The belief that even if you didn’t graduate, you can lie about your degree because you need it to land the job.

The Truth ~ Degrees will be checked!  And it is fairly easy to verify if a degree or training certificate has been earned.  The bottom line ~ you need to possess the skills to do the job, and any new employer will want to be certain you have what it takes.

Find out more about Education verifications in "Hiring ~ Why You need to Verify their Degree First!".

  • Your Criminal Record (probably the hottest topic and the one most associated with Background Checks)
What an Employer is Looking For ~ Any past convictions that could jeopardize the safety of a company’s assets, employees, or customers and/or that hinder you from successfully fulfilling the job’s duties.

Misconception ~ Companies place the most importance on your criminal record and if you have a criminal record you won’t get the job.  When consenting to an employment screening, many job seekers simply equate “background check” with “criminal background check.”

The Truth ~ Background checks are not solely looking for criminal history, it is simply one part of the equation.  And many new and updated laws curb what can be considered and even when a criminal record can be searched on any applicant.  Most screenings will only be looking for convictions that would directly impact your ability to safely do the job.  (I wrote about this previously in my article on convictions versus arrests).

And while it is true that people with criminal convictions face a harder time finding jobs, it is not impossible.  Those same laws that limit when and how criminal records can be considered also guard against blanket discrimination against former offenders.  

  • Your Reference/Past Employer Feedback
What an Employer is Looking For ~ Any hint as to what kind of co-worker/employee you will be.  Did you fit in at your previous jobs?  Did you work well on group projects?  Where you able to succeed as a leader?

Misconception ~ You can control what an employer finds out about you by listing only what you believe to be “sure fire” references.  

The Truth ~ You may think you know exactly what your listed references or past employers are going to say about you, but what about those that a screener will develop?  Many companies use the references you list only as a starting point.  They will then ask those references for anyone else they know who would be willing to answer questions about you.  Your best bet is to be ready to answer any questions that may arise, both good and bad, from an inquiry into your past working relationships. 

Discover more about Employment verifications here

  • Your Social Media Sites
What an Employer is Looking For ~ Anything you have posted on your social media sites that may pose a risk to their company. 

Misconception ~ Employers can’t search your Social Media sites or that what you post is simply you exercising your “freedom of speech”.  

The Truth ~ In my experience, Employers use social media in a very limited way, and none will ask for your passwords to your sites.  However, that does not mean that they don’t check them at all, or that it is illegal to check them.  Most employers will take a look.  Their focus, however, is on questionable photos, comments perceived to be vulgar or radical, etc.  They really want to know whether you illustrate good judgment about what you post.  An article I wrote previously on the use of social media in background checks can be found here.

Remember, employers will run some type of a background check before hiring you.  
The job market is crowded and employers are rightfully concerned over making safe hires and avoiding litigation.

Being prepared on your part will go a long way towards making the process less mysterious and alleviate your concerns.  

That preparation should include a preview of what is “out there” about you.  To that end, I recommend you run a background check on yourself before you apply.  You can find tips on how to do this here.

After you have that information, it is time you get your entire resume “background check ready” (find out how here).

You will find that doing the work beforehand will give you peace of mind and increase your chances of landing the job.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Top 10 Motivational Quotes to Inspire You

Created by Kimberly Kline
We all have times when we lose focus or feel less than motivated. 
Maybe we are dealing with a particularly 
hectic schedule.  
Or we have just gone through a day or two when nothing seems to be going right.

That is especially true for many small business owners.  We carry the weight of our businesses squarely on our shoulders.  And while we relish the freedom of making our own choices, that also comes will a lot of pressure.  

Whenever I am going through these rough times, that is when I need a boost the most.  Something to get me over the hump and back on track.  And I find that these quotes do just the trick.  Reading a few of them puts me in the frame of mind I need to tackle the day, the week, or even the month ahead.

In the spirit of 
paying it forward, 
and keeping in mind my focus on 
“why” I do what I do, 
I share 10 quotes that constantly inspire me to continue on my path, 
and I think they could do the same for you.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

What better inspiration than to realize you have the freedom to follow a path unique to you?

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." Mark Twain

This one really speaks to me.  I encourage you to find what makes you “tick” and gives you the greatest satisfaction ~ what could be better?  You can read about my journey of discovery in

"Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one."  Eleanor Roosevelt
And I believe that no one is more of an individual than an entrepreneur!

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."  Albert Einstein

Lovely!!!  This one just puts me in the right frame of mind every time.
As people, and especially as entrepreneurs, there are things we can do daily to “pay it forward”.  And this quote always gives me a great reminder.  I have found some easy ways to use my own business to help other small businesses.  Here you will find my 4 tips!

“Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people - your family, friends, and coworkers, and even strangers you meet along the way. ”  Barbara Bush 

Every now and again I need a reminder that success is not always measured by my bank account.  While making money is certainly important, there are other things that bring even greater satisfaction.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

This goes for your clients too!  Making sure they know how important they are to you will go a long way!

We have the power to choose our happiness.  And I believe that if something is bringing us down, we need to remove that from our lives.  That also is true in our business ~ Difficult clients being one of them! Find parts 1 and 2 of my series on Dealing with Problem Clients here and here.

And, finally, I close out this list with 
my absolute favorite motivational quote;

and the quote continues......
"You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go!  

To me, this sums up the life of an entrepreneur!  Go Dr. Seuss!

Now I encourage you to discover the words that will inspire you. You may find that some of the ones I have shared here speak to you too.  Or you may have to go in search of your own.  But either way, having some “go to” words of wisdom will help you when you need it.

And we all need that boost in our confidence or moment of clarity every now and again!  
Good luck!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

The Truth Behind the Background Check Industry ~ What You Need to Know

As is true with most news, it is the “Bad” news that gets the press. It is the same with the Background Check Industry.

Errors in Background Check reports, “Quick” turnaround companies, mistaken identities ~ the list goes on.  

The fact is , there are many more reputable Background Check companies out there than dishonest ones.  Most are careful to provide accurate and timely information and go to great lengths to do their best for their client and for the subject of their investigation.

However, “quick fix” companies are out there ~ despite the push by good companies to bring their sub par work into the light of day.

These companies continue because their promises of “instant” results sell.  They base their marketing on promoting quick information at a low cost.  That is alluring.  

The bottom line is that the public is misinformed.  The real truth is - not all Background Check companies are created equal.

As an industry, we need to acknowledge that these less than diligent companies harm us all.  The key is to educate the public as to the reality about background checks.  Making sure everyone understands their limits, and what a good background check company will do about them, is a great first step.

The most important thing everyone needs to know is that errors in background check reports do occur.  And these errors create risk.

Records searched can be incomplete and outdated.  Identities do get mixed up.  And mistakes, once made, are difficult to correct. 

When any of these errors do occur, job seekers and hiring companies are understandably frustrated.  

The situation worsens when screening companies rely too much on online databases for their research. 

In a previous article, “Background Checks and Online Databases - What You Need to Know!”, I explained the pros and cons of using these sources in your background checks.

Online databases can contain faulty information.  Using them as a “one and done” base for your background check can result in false positives and even allow offenders’ records to show up clear.

The crux is; “I think databases can be a great “jumping off” point in a Background Check investigation.  By using one you can quickly find past addresses, names used, and possible criminal records.  But it is not the best way to obtain accurate and complete information.  You can do better.”

It is also important for you to understand why these errors in background checks can occur.

The biggest problem is mistaken identities.  Common and similar names often cause the biggest problems.  This is compounded by the growing number of courts removing critical identifying information from their records.  For example, many federal courts have removed social security numbers from their records as an answer to rising concerns over identity theft. 

Offenders have also been known to use someone else’s social security number or date of birth when arrested.  This can cause serious problems when trying to verify a criminal record.

Mistakes also occur due to human error.  Information can be entered incorrectly.  Names, addresses, and other identifying information may be mistyped.

All this contributes to errors in screening reports.  

In addition, there are thousands of counties and districts in the United States, each with their own record keeping system. Jurisdictional processes are not the same state to state, or sometimes even among courts within the same state. 

While in an ideal world, all criminal records would be recorded accurately and in a timely manner, this is not always the case. Often times even records that are supposed to be expunged will still be discoverable.

The public’s demand for access to “national” records is part of the problem.  Many companies advertise that they are able to provide a “one stop” report that will cover all courts in all states. This is simply not true.

What these companies are providing is a database that they have compiled by accessing available records from multiple states, counties, and districts and advertising this as a “national” record.

The truth is that the quality of this information varies and not all courts in all states are included.  Even those records that are available may not contain both felonies and misdemeanors.

That is why it is crucial that all information found using any online database be confirmed directly from the original source.  

This is where hiring a reputable background check company can make all the difference.  They will go the extra mile to make sure the information they provide is as accurate as possible.

A good Background Check cannot be “instant”. When screening companies promise to provide you with information on the spot, you need to be wary.  This is another truth ~ and one you need to heed.

In reality, the majority of Background Check companies are different.  They honestly care about their integrity and their customers.  

Good companies will keep in mind your budget, but will still focus on providing quality information.  That is why it is important to remember that low cost is not always better.  Most times, you really do get what you pay for.

So, how do you find a good Background Check company?

Here I share 5 Tips to help you choose the best one for you ~ 
Remember, “The key is to find one that will work WITH you, not just FOR You!”.  

This is the real Truth behind the Background Check industry, not the dire stories that constantly fill the news.  There are professional and conscientious screening companies who are dedicated to helping your company. 

You can be assured that if you practice a little due diligence yourself, you will find the perfect Background Check company for your needs.  I guarantee it!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

I am Thankful....Revisited!

November is a time for many of us to take a moment and give thanks.  And what better way than for me to once again share my words of gratefulness with you.....

This time of year, you may gather family and friends around you for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, or simply join them in watching our favorite football teams compete.

Whatever you choose, the season brings thoughts of get togethers and a feeling of thankfulness.

I would like to extend that gratitude to you ~ my clients, readers, and Social Media friends.

Despite being in business for many years, I have been feeling more successful than ever.  What is really special to me is that this success does not come solely from having a healthy bottom line.  

It comes from the feeling of being blessed to have connected with each of you.  You have all been extremely supportive of my efforts and it has renewed my commitment to you and to my business.

I start and end each day with a sense of purpose, and I am thankful.

I can honestly say that I feel lucky and privileged.  You are all wonderful and amazing people.  Many of you are pursuing your own success, and I admire your efforts.  I also hope you feel the same sense of encouragement from me that I feel from all of you.

It is also gratifying to feel the camaraderie you have all shared with me.  It will never be forgotten.

My goal is to strive to live by these words from John F. Kennedy and put my gratitude and appreciation into action throughout the year.   You all deserve nothing less.

In closing I leave you with these thoughts:

“Having an appreciation for how amazing the people around you are leads to good places ~ productive, fulfilling, peaceful places. So be happy for those who are making progress. Cheer for their victories. Be thankful for their blessings, openly. What goes around comes around, and sooner or later the people you're cheering for will start cheering for you.”     Unknown

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Why I Finally Got a Smartphone

It finally happened.  One day I wake up perfectly happy with the cell phone I have had for the past 7 years, and then very quickly everything changed.  

My phone made calls, took pictures ~ exactly the things a good phone needs to do.  I was content.

Then the next thing I know, the unthinkable happened.  My trusty cell ended up swishing around in my washing machine.

I won’t bore you with the details on how this catastrophe happened (suffice it to say that I should never have carried it downstairs in my laundry basket!).

But by the time I realized that is where my cell ended up, it was too late.  My machine was already filled and agitating!

I tried everything.  I took it apart, shook it gently to get the water out, and even submerged it in a bowl of rice (thanks to a suggestion from one of my “go to” tech people - my daughter).

My Old Cell!

Nothing worked.  It was a goner.  And there was no doubt I needed a working phone.

So, I got the previously mentioned daughter and we went to my wireless carrier store.  Lo and behold, the only phones they even carry anymore are smart phones.  My fate was sealed! 

While waiting for a service rep, I looked around the store.  Because I already had a MacBook Air and an iPad, an Apple phone was the obvious choice.  It would be easier to navigate and my apps would be interchangeable.

Of course I could have chosen the latest and greatest model, but instead I opted for the one where I could get the best deal.  So I entered the world of the iPhone 5s.

I got to pick a pretty cover (love my pink and purple) and chose a good screen protector (while jokingly asking if this helped make my new phone “washer proof”!).

And because I already had an iTunes account, the tech was even able to retrieve my contacts from my old phone!

Pretty soon, I was in business ~ and it was easier than I ever expected!

When I got home, I synced my phone with my iTunes account and all the apps I needed were quickly at my disposal.  I would now be able to get emails, check my social media accounts, and even get updates from Hootsuite on my scheduled posts.

Of course I am still tweaking my settings and learning all the things I am now able to do with my phone.  But I have already discovered that I love having a smartphone more than I ever thought I would.

I had resisted getting one for the longest time (despite being eligible for an upgrade for years).  I was not sure I wanted to be “connected” 24/7.  I liked being able to shut down my laptop or iPad and be “off” work.

But, as with anything, I have found that understanding the pros and cons, and learning what works for me, is what is important.

Here is what I now know about having a smartphone:


  • I am able to check for important emails, and trash the junk ones, while traveling ~ definitely streamlining my inbox before checking my laptop later.

  • My picture taking capabilities, both for work and personal use, have increased greatly.  This is great since I love using my own pics in my social media posts.

  • Replying to a comment on my blog or post is now done more quickly than ever.  This definitely increases timely interaction with my readers.

My Old & My New Cell!


  • I have to fight the urge to check social sites more than I should (it is just too easy).  

  • It can be “too much” access to my business. Constant alerts to emails coming in and group notifications can be overwhelming.  

Setting strict parameters as to when and where to check in has been important in managing both.

And this is the most important lesson I have learned through it all ~ the “ Do Not Disturb” mode is my friend!  

Every evening I silence all notifications except for incoming calls from my “favorites” (my close family).  This way I am not constantly getting buzzed or beeped while relaxing or during the night.  It has been a lifesaver (especially since I did not discover this setting until the second night of having my phone)!

I can now truthfully say that my reluctance to join the world of the smartphone was unfounded.  As with anything new, learning how to make it work for me instead of against me has been key.

Now if I can only keep this one out of the washing machine........

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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Top 5 Hot Topics in Background Checks in 2014

How, when, and why you can use Background Checks in your hiring process has changed.  And many of these changes were Hot Topics in 2014.

Here I will discuss my Top 5 and what they mean to you:

  • Consumer Reporting Agencies and Criminal Background Checks

Any employer who obtains criminal history reports on an applicant or employee from a CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency) must follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Your Background Check provider falls under the CRA category.

The key features of the FCRA require that in order to conduct a criminal history check, an employer must do these 3 things:

  1. Obtain a Signed Release granting permission to perform the Criminal History Check
  2. Provide the applicant/employee a copy of the report and a Summary of their rights prior to any adverse action based on the information in the report.
  3. Send Written Notice if a decision not to hire is made based on the criminal history report.

The important takeaway here is that any time your company uses a third party to conduct your background check, you must make sure they understand that the FCRA requirements apply.

I believe your Best Offense is a Good Defense.  In order to avoid FCRA violations, it is crucial that your screening provider is knowledgeable, in full compliance, and can keep you in compliance with the Act. 

It is also important that they use procedures aimed at providing you with accurate and quality information.  Remember, not all background checks are created equal.

Learn more in “Tips to Help Your Business Fly Under the EEOC Radar”.  I help you avoid the pitfalls that can land your company in their sites when it comes to your release forms, your notice of applicant rights, and your adverse action notifications.

  • “Ban the Box” 

At its most basic, “Ban the Box” removes the criminal history question from job applications and delays the question of a criminal record until a conditional offer of employment has been made.

However, and as I discussed in my article, “Discover How Many States are Taking ‘Ban the Box’ too Far”, this trend continues to grow and morph as more states and cities adopt their own policy.

These new legislations are dividing many, with a middle ground currently out of reach:

“Critics of “ban the box” see the current trend as excessive intrusion on a company’s hiring decisions.  Giving extra protection to those with criminal records subjects employers to complicated hiring procedures and to possible litigation for making unsafe hires.

Making any decisions, even the decision to interview, will now be made without having all the facts.  And limiting what kinds of criminal offenses can be considered creates risk.

Opponents to the current and, most likely, future reach of “ban the box” believe having that information early in the process allows employers to make a much more informed decision.

They also believe these laws are a burden, especially to Small Business.  The additional time and money it takes interviewing those who an employer later learns has a criminal record can be damaging.”

  • The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) approach to the Use of Criminal Records in Hiring

According to the EEOC:

“Federal law does not prohibit employers from asking about your criminal history. But, federal EEO laws do prohibit employers from discriminating when they use criminal history information. Using criminal history information to make employment decisions may violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended (Title VII).”

This next phrase, however, is the most telling:
“Title VII prohibits employers from using policies or practices that screen individuals based on criminal history information if:

  • They significantly disadvantage Title VII-protected individuals such as African Americans and Hispanics; AND
  • They do not help the employer accurately decide if the person is likely to be a responsible, reliable, or safe employee.
  • Another key point here is the emphasis on using Convictions, not Arrests, when making your hiring decisions.

In, “Why Checking an Applicant’s Criminal Past Should be About Convictions, Not Arrests”, I explained that,  

“The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) differentiates between arrests and convictions.  An arrest alone simply does not prove criminal conduct.  It is important to keep in mind that excluding someone based on an arrest record that is not job related or necessary based on your business can be seen as a Civil Rights violation.”

In addition,

“To be safe, employers should give convictions much more weight than arrests in their hiring decision.  When you have evidence of a conviction (especially those verified through a quality background check company), you know the record is that of the applicant and you know the outcome of the case.”

Only then can you make a truly fair and informed determination of the applicant’s suitability for the job.

  • The Rise in Class Action Lawsuits involving the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

In 2013 there were 3500 more cases filed (alleging FCRA violations) than in 2012. (Source: Lexology)

Employers are in a tough spot.  They need to practice Due Diligence in hiring, while at the same time dealing with changing compliance issues.  Because of this, companies can expect to see an increase in lawsuits for both failing to use background checks in hiring and for failing to use them correctly.

According to an article published in Lexology by Sara Hutchins Jodka (Porter, Wright, Morris, & Arthur LLP), “The FCRA is the new FLSA ” (Fair Labor Standards Act);

“Many employers run into problems because they fail to comply with one or more of these four distinct steps (disclosure, authorization, pre-adverse notice, adverse notice), but even employers who do manage comply with these four broad requirements tend to miss some of the more intricate, lesser-known requirements that each step further requires. Add a per-violation statutory penalty and an award of attorneys’ fees for each FCRA violation an employer commits and it becomes clear how FCRA class actions are quickly becoming the new go-to class action lawsuits for plaintiff-employment lawyers.”

This climate makes it more important than ever for employers to consult legal counsel well versed in FCRA compliance and employ a good Background Check company to help. 

  • Use of Social Media in Background Checks.

A 2014 CareerBuilder study shows that, “Forty-three percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, up from 39 percent last year and 36 percent in 2012.”  

I have always been an advocate of knowing what is “out there” about you, especially before beginning any job search.

In Part 1 of my series, “Social Media, Background Checks, & Company Policy:  The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”, I share exactly how Social Media posts, pictures, etc. are used during the hiring process.

It is important to understand that “many times it is not part of the formal background check investigation, but is often an 'added tool' used by the hiring company or background check investigator to get a clearer picture of the applicant”.

In Part 2, I go further and explain the importance of a sound Social Media Policy, “5 Things a Good Social Policy Needs”.

While it is easy to see why using social media in your hiring process is appealing (it is free and quick after all), employers need to be wary.

Existing laws that govern fairness in employment still apply.  Any personal information you discover that relates to protected classes as defined by Title VII (race, religion, etc.), cannot be used in your employment decisions.

The problem is, once you have seen something, it cannot be unseen.  This results in an added risk to your company.  If you make the determination not to hire someone, proving that you did not factor in anything you may have seen online covered by Title VII can prove difficult.

Your best bet is is use a 3rd party screening company to conduct all aspects of your background check.  They will be well versed in what information they can and cannot include in their reports.

  • Use of Credit Reports

Employers would do well to approach the use of credit reports in their hiring process with caution.

It is important to know your existing state laws governing credit reports (and be aware that these laws may change) and understand whether a credit report is necessary and relevant to the job.  Having a permissible purpose for the credit report and meeting all guidelines is crucial.

Employers also need to be aware that credit reports are not infallible.  They can contain errors.  In addition, the growing problem of identity theft creates a nightmare for victims in terms of their credit reports.

2014 saw employment credit checks continue to be looked on with disfavor.  In “Employment Credit Checks, Will They Soon be a Thing of the Past?”, I wrote;

“I do not think using credit checks to determine employment is necessary.  The information obtained in a credit check, even the “modified” ones supplied to employers, is simply not needed in making an informed hiring decision.  Unless required by law or when hiring for upper level positions, other options are available to employers for determining whether an applicant is the right choice.”

This tool could possibly disappear from employer’s hiring practices in the near future.

I believe each of these trends will continue to be Hot Topics in the coming year.  That is why making sure you keep up to date is the primary goal of your background check provider.

While this can seem like a daunting prospect, being flexible and trusting in your screening company is key.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Why Playing Candy Crush is the Best thing You can Do to Increase Your Productivity!

Millions of people are hooked on Candy Crush.  In fact, according to App Data, “43 million people play Candy Crush every month! (which makes it) the most popular app on Facebook.”

And I have joined the bandwagon.

While I can’t speak for everyone, my fascination with the popular game has both practical and personal reasons.

I have written before about the benefits I found in taking “active breaks” (Tips to Help You Gain Focus and Get Active).  And there is no doubt that it has benefitted me both mentally and physically.

However, when I need a purely “break for the mind”, nothing beats Candy Crush!  

Okay, okay, I exaggerate a bit.  But, whenever I want to get the juices flowing again, or just need to rest my brain, I find that playing a “mind game” like Candy Crush to be just the thing! 

And I think it will work for you too!

As with anything, there are times when playing a game, or taking any kind of break, is Good for you.  But other times when it is not. 

It is Good When:

  • You use it as a Treat for Getting Work Done

Who doesn’t like a reward, even a small one?  When I complete a job, especially one that ended up taking a lot of my time, it is a welcome relief to take a quick break and do something fun.  

  • You use it as a Break to Re-group & Reduce Stress

There are times when a difficult deadline or a problem project will put my brain on overload.  Putting it aside for even a few minutes often gives me the breather I need to go back and tackle it head on.

  • You use it as a Time to let Your latest Blog or Project Sit

      Before hitting that publish button, or even before editing, it is always best to let that blog or project sit.  I have found that by taking a break, I can come back with fresh eyes and my blog is better for it.

My Current Level

  • You use it as a way to stir Your Creative Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

Each level of Candy Crush is different and gets progressively harder.  Finding a way to solve each level sometimes requires you to use trial and error or think outside the box.  Win, win!

  • You use it as a way to gain a Sense of Accomplishment 

Completing each level is a victory ~ and who doesn’t like to 
win?  There are times I complete a level on the first or second try.
Other times it take many, many times before I solve the puzzle.
But either way, when I get to move on, I have earned a small win!

  • You use it as a way to Have Fun!

After all, isn’t that what playing any game is really all about?

There has been much research on why playing games is actually good for your brain and help you learn.

This infographic on “Why are Games Good for Learning” illustrates the effect of Rewards, Play, and Mastery on the “Laws of Learning”.

Playing games has shown to be good for your brain.  By solving the game’s puzzles, we are really increasing our mental ability and helping our brain form new connections.

But, there can be too much of a good thing ~ and playing games is no exception.

It is a Problem When:

  • You use it as a Way to avoid Work or Family 

This is when the game has become addictive.  A survey from
Ask Your Target Market” polled 1,000 Candy Crush players and found that;

“ 32% of them ignored friends or family to play the game, 28% played during work, 10% got into arguments with significant others over how long they played, and 30% said they were “addicted.””.

The bottom line ~ games like Candy Crush are fun.  They also really do challenge your brain.  You are required to think, problem solve, and strategize.  Each time you play, you are working your brain in ways that will improve your memory, and clear your mind.

Having your brain always on the full "on" position isn't good for productivity. Being able to take short breaks to recharge your brain is much better.

So next time you are feeling stressed or are stuck on a problem, take a break and play a quick round of Candy Crush.  You may actually be helping yourself more than you know!

And if you have a favorite game, Let me Know!

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