Sunday, November 26, 2017

Do You Know Small Business?

Do you think you know all there is to know about Small Business?
You might want to think again!

Small businesses, just like their owners, are unique.

Many small business owners create their products or services to fill a void in what the “big boys” have to offer. They dedicate themselves to meeting the needs and desires of their clients and customers.

This results in a kaleidoscope of small businesses that offer a wide variety of goods and services that truly speak to their customers and their specific needs.

And while every small business is different, there are still things that hold true across the board.

Small Business Owners……
Learn a lot by running our businesses ~ the need to budget, to delegate and/or outsource, and to build strong relationships.

Believe in the Benefits of Doing Business with Small Business ~ great customer service, commitment to quality, pride in ownership, sense of community, and specialized goods and services.

Understand the Need to “Band Together” ~ we find power in numbers, join local networking groups, and share our knowledge and advice.

Recognize the Benefits of “Shopping Small” on our communities and the environment ~ shopping local keeps our money “in town” and helps our environment by cutting down on packaging and shipping.

Dedicate themselves to Hiring Safely to Protect their Businesses and Customers ~ small business owners understand that screening their employees is the best way to keep their workplace and customers safe, while protecting their company brand!

Learn more in "5 Truths about Small Business!".

Now for the big question…..Do You Support Small Business?

Supporting your local small businesses means supporting your neighbors and your community!
Visit your local coffee shop. Buy hardware from that family-owned shop down the street. Even quality business cards and stationary can be found within your community.

Increasingly you can even “shop small” outside your immediate neighborhood!

Most small businesses have websites and online shops where you can make purchases or check out their services. These sites help extend the reach of small businesses around the country and make it easier than ever before to support small business! 

You can even ask questions about the products or services they offer ~ and will most likely get a personal response directly from the owner or a trusted employee! That is the touch that many larger companies can’t replicate!

So, while we celebrate small businesses on Small Business Saturday, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn't “shop small” all year long!
After all, helping our small businesses succeed helps each of us too ~ and  our neighborhoods and communities will be stronger for it!

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  1. I am a business student and also working to start y own business. Your points you shared are mostly correct.But you must know the target market also.

    1. Most definitely! Knowing your "target" client helps you hone your marketing efforts and even tailor your products or services. Good luck in your goal to start your own business too! For some tips, please check out our FAQ page and our Business Mentoring services!

  2. Hi, very nice blog. Hiring a virtual accountant can help with productivity and business growth. But it is really important to know what tasks exactly you want your virtual accountant to do because otherwise it can bring a lot of confusion and frustration into a work.
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    1. I am a firm believer in the importance of outsourcing ~ especially those tasks where you do not excel! Accounting is definitely one of those tasks that are crucial to a business and that many are not good at. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sonia!


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