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Why You Need to be Proactive when it comes to Employment Background Checks!

When it comes time to Hire for Your Small Business, Do You have a Plan?
Do you know when you really need to hire? Do you know the kind of employee you are looking for? Are you ready to interview and screen your top candidates?

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If you are not answering each of these questions with a resounding “YES”, then it is time to step back and regroup.

The Key to it all is to be Proactive, not Reactive, when it comes to hiring for your small business!
The best way to achieve this is to have a sound hiring plan in place long before you need it.

When done right, this plan will give you a step by step guide to exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. It will include the right time to hire, how to hire, and why a good background check is crucial to making a successful hire!

“When” to Hire for Your Small Business
Understanding “When” to hire is the best place to start.

You should hire when…..your current workforce cannot meet demand, you need a new skill set to grow your company, and you can afford to hire! Learn more about this in “Is Your Company Ready to Hire? 10 Tips on “When” and “How” to Do it Right!”.

Then it is important to outline the steps you will take to make that hire.

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“How” to Hire for Your Small Business
When you have determined you are ready to hire, you should then take a look at “how” to hire. The best way to do this is to make sure you have good job descriptions firmly in place before you start your search for the best candidates.

Writing an effective and detailed job description is important. It not only helps you hire the best person for the job, it also protects your company legally.  

The right job description ensures that both your applicants and your existing employees understand what is expected of them. It will also help you, as a manager, to determine whether your employees are meeting the job’s expectations”.

In addition, Your Job Description will:
  • outline the duties and expectations of the position
  • determine your job training goals
  • help you evaluate your employee’s performance
Learn more about how good job descriptions can help your Small Business hire right in “Job Descriptions ~ How to Write One and Why it is Important to Do it Right! Part One and Part Two”.

It is also important to know in advance what kind of employees will help your small business, and the ones it is best to avoid!

In “How to Spot the Best Employees for Your Small Business”, you will discover how to recognize the six best and worst types of employees for your company and why. You will also learn how you can spot these types of hires during the interview and screening process!

So, now you know the “When” and “How” of Hiring for Your Small Business. But all your hard work to get to this point will mean little if the hire you make ends up not to be an asset.

This is where the Employment Background Check comes in!
Background Checks Help your Small Business Hire Right! “Tweet This”

Why Employment Background Checks are important for Your Small Business
In order to understand the need to be proactive when it comes to background checks, it is important to understand why you need them in the first place!

Simply put, not doing a Background Check on your top candidates is not good business.

As a small business, owners may think that screening their applicants isn’t necessary. 

Maybe they are hiring people they know ~ relatives, friends, or friends of family and friends. Maybe they think they can’t spare any additional money checking into their applicants’ pasts. Or they might think that they should take anyone just to lessen their own work load. 

Still there are others who believe they have a good "sixth sense" when it comes to people. They think they will "just know" if someone will be a good fit. And, after all, their resume just looks so impressive. They couldn't be more wrong”! excerpt from “If You are not Doing Background Checks on Your New Hires, You are Making the Biggest Mistake a Small Business can Make”!

As a small business, the consequences of making a bad hire can have far more of an impact than it does on bigger businesses.

Who you hire is a reflection of your business. They are often the “face” of your company and they often have close contact with your customers and with your other employees. That is why screening your employees is so important.

A Background check will help you:
  • verify if your applicant is truthful
  • help you keep your workplace safe
  • protect your company and your assets
  • help you stay compliant with federal and state employment laws
  • protect your company from potential lawsuits
Find more information on the importance of Employment Background Checks check in “The Top 5 Reasons You Should use Employment Background Checks in Your Small Business” 

And for more details about the steps you need to take before you hire please read “Your Small Business Hiring Checklist ~ What You need to Do Now”! 

The key to to Hiring Right is to plan ahead ~ and that is especially true when it comes to your background checks.
Your best policy is to set a precedent of screening all your new hires, and that should begin with your very first hire. By doing employment background checks every single time you hire, you are protecting your company against claims of preferential treatment or discrimination. Learn more about background check mistakes you need to avoid here!

Making hiring decisions in haste put your business in a vulnerable position. 

That is why having an Employee Background Check system in place long before you ever need to hire is good for you and your business. It gives you the opportunity to set the parameters of your check using your job descriptions and allows you the time to find a good background check company to help without the pressure of needing to make that hire quickly.

And it is never good to screen someone “after the fact”. When you discover you have a problem or question an employee’s competence or behavior, it may already be too late. Most definitely it can cost your company time and money. Plus, it can put your employees, clients, and company at risk.

Being Proactive instead of Reactive when it comes to your Hiring Policy and Background Checks is simply good business.
Is Your Small Business Ready? 

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