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What Fathers, and Mothers, can Teach their Kids to Help Them Succeed in Business and in Life!

Do Your Children have the tools they need to succeed?
As parents, we all want our children to be happy and healthy. We make sure they eat the right foods, get the sleep they need, and have time to play with friends and participate in clubs and sports. 

But when it comes to succeeding in life, and ultimately their chosen profession, are we doing all we can to get them there?

This is where teaching them these life lessons will help. Each will instill the skills they need to grow into happy, responsible, and successful adults.

10 Life Lessons We should All Teach Our Children “Tweet This”

Teach Kids the Importance of Love - Teach them to love themselves first. They should learn to protect their bodies and their mind from negative and unsafe outside influences. They also need to be open to  loving others. Explain the importance of focusing on the kind of person the people around them are, not what they have or how they look. 

Teach Kids to Never Stop Learning - Focus on why it is important for them to keep their eyes and their mind wide open. Share that learning doesn’t only come from books but from the people and world around them.

Teach Kids the Importance of Playing Well with Others - Make sure they learn teamwork and how to work together with others to achieve a common goal. Explain the importance of accepting others’ differences, to learn tolerance, and practice empathy. 

Teach Kids How to Resolve Disagreements - During their lifetime, everyone will have times when they disagree with someone. Children need to learn early how to deal with these confrontations and disagreements. They need to be taught to look at all sides of an issue, ask good questions, and focus on the problem not the person. 

Teach Kids to Stand Up for Themselves and Others - Children should learn to stand up for what is right and defend others when they are being bullied or harmed. They need to know that it is okay to let their voice be heard, and how to do it calmly and effectively.

Teach Kids the Importance of Admitting when They are Wrong and  Forgiving Others when They are Wrong - Children should understand that it is human to make mistakes. However, it is also important to own those mistakes. They need to learn how to apologize when they are wrong and to also accept the apologies of others when they make mistakes.

Teach Kids How to Live Life with a Positive Outlook - Bad things happen. It is how you deal with them and move on that makes the difference. Children need to know that focusing on the positive will help get them through the bad times. Teach them to take pleasure in the “little things”. This is a great way to deal with life’s stresses and disappointments.

Teach Kids the Value of Hard Work - There is pleasure in a job well done. Kids need to learn that satisfaction early in life. You also need to stress the importance of being on time for a job and doing their best at all times. This will serve them well at the first job and for any job after.

Teach Kids the Value of Money - Start young by assigning tasks and rewarding the completion of those tasks. Explain to them, according to their age, about saving and bills, living within their means, and credit and debt. Teach them about saving for the future by helping them open up their first savings account. Being open and honest with your kids about money and your own finances will serve them well in the future.

Teach Kids the Importance of Being Kind and Helping Others - Kindness is an often unrecognized super power! Children should see that often even the littlest gesture of kindness can make a difference in someone’s day. Stressing kindness can also help them develop compassion and empathy towards others ~ something we sorely need in this world!

Bonus Tip: Teach Kids How to Use Social Media Wisely!
You and your child should be aware that their social media posts will have an impact on how they are perceived. They can result in them being seen in either a positive or a negative light. Examples of posts that will be viewed as positive are ones that feature charity work, love of travel, participation in sports, clubs, and activities. Negative posts include posts that show excessive partying, illegal behavior, hate posts, violent posts, and negative posts on past employers.

Children and especially Teens ~ Be careful what you post. Does it show you in the best light? is it something you want your parents or grandparents to see? If not, don’t post!

Parents ~ Monitor your child’s online activities. Set a good example yourself by using your social media sites in a responsible way”, excerpt from “What We Need to Do to Help Our Children Get Ready for College, the Job Market, and Background Checks!

Each of these 10 lessons will serve your children well as they grow into teens and adults.  
People that embody these traits are good friends, partners, and members of society. In addition, future employers will look for many of these traits and skills in their new hires, and promote those employees that practice them. 

But no matter what we try and tell our children, or what wisdom we attempt to impart, the best way to reach them is to be a good role model ourselves! 
Lead and teach by example. Be kind to others. Forgive their faults and admit to your own. Work hard and expect your kids to do the same. 

Answer your children’s questions honestly and completely. Be there for them no matter what. And, most importantly, Love them Unconditionally.

Setting an example and teaching our children the Life Lessons they need to know now will give them the foundation to succeed on whatever path they choose. They will have the skills necessary to be a great employee, team player, leader, and human being.
And, as parents, that is what we really want for our children ~ for them to be happy, healthy, and to succeed on whatever path they choose.

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