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Why High Schools & Parents Need to Start Preparing Teens Now for the “Real World”!

Is Your Teen Ready for the "Real World"?

Is Your Teen really ready for the “Real World”?

Most likely your answer to this question will range anywhere from “I think so”, or “I’m not sure”, to “No Way”!

The reality is that many young people aren’t really prepared for the “adult” world. They know very little of what it is like to have a job or what it takes to live completely on their own.

That is why the time is now for Parents and High Schools to step up!

More attention needs to be paid to teaching our teens the skills needed by employers and the skills needed that will help them succeed in life.

And this is what we all can do to help…..

When it comes to hiring young employees, companies are looking for a variety of things. Of course they want new hires to have at least the intro-level skills necessary to do the job.

But many are willing to hire those a little less qualified if they have the important “basic” skills that they truly covet in a good employee.  

These skills are really more like character traits. They include things like having a good attitude and a strong motivation to do a good job. Employers also desire an employee that is on time and comes in ready to focus on work.

Many employers find new young hires unprepared in these areas, and that is where schools and parents can help. 

When it comes to education, most high schools focus on preparing their students for college, or at least some type of further education or training. This makes sense when the goal is to put them on a path to getting into a good school and then landing a good job.

But there is little or no emphasis on the other skills they need to succeed once they are on that path.

And practically no time at all is spent discussing what young people need to do and how they need to behave when they get a job.

Tips to Help Teens Get Ready for “Real Life”!
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However, the burden to teach these skills cannot fall solely on our schools.
Parents need to do their part.

Long before it comes time for your teens to get a job or get ready for college or trade schools, parents, need to be realistic and straightforward with their teens.

Teach them “life skills” like how to open and manage a checking account, how to do their taxes, and even how to read a basic contract.

Talk about finances and the need for a budget. Explain about a pay check and the many withdrawals taken for things like taxes, insurance, and even a 401k.

Then show them how to create a household budget based on their take-home pay. Focus on the necessities like mortgage or rent payments, taxes, utilities, car payments, gas, and food. Then show them how to live on what’s left! 

Many parents are reluctant to talk about money with their kids. It is a topic often dismissed as one that our kids shouldn’t have to deal with “just yet” or one that makes some parents uneasy. But being upfront about money is perhaps one of the most important conversations you can have.

If you, for whatever reason, don’t want to share your real salary or household budget, don’t let that stop you from discussing finances. Use a hypothetical salary, or even when your teen gets their first a job, use their salary. Then help them set a budget of their own.

The goal is not to allow your uneasiness in talking about money stop the conversation from happening.

It is also important to talk with your kids about about social media. They need to recognize the potential ramifications of what they post on their future college acceptance and job search. Act as an example of responsible online behavior and don’t shy away from monitoring theirs. 

Also share with your teen what it is really like in the workplace. Focus on what employers expect and what they look for in a new hire. Use yourself and your own work experiences as an example. Do this long before they are even thinking about getting that first job. Be sure they understand that approaching each and every job they ever have with dedication, enthusiasm, and a good work ethic is key.  

Then continue by making sure they also understand that their future college acceptance and job search will most likely include a background check ~ and what they do now can have an impact!

The first, and most important, thing to realize is that Background Checks are a Reality!

They are used to make employment decisions. They help determine whether you are eligible to rent an apartment, condo, or home. And background checks are even being used by colleges and universities as a criteria for acceptance!

That is why it makes sense to know as much as possible about how you can help prepare your children for background checks now.

This preparation needs to begin early ~ long before our children are even thinking about picking a school or getting a job or apartment. And the key to this preparation is knowing exactly what will be checked, why it is checked, and what can be found during your background check”.

Find out more about preparing your teens for their job search in “What We Need to Do to Help Our Children Get Ready for College, the Job Market, and Background Checks”. 

But it doesn’t stop there.

Even after your teens have graduated, whether it be from high school, a trade or tech school, or college, it is important they understand what it will take to stand out and land their first job. 

In “Attention New Grads! What You need to Do to Land Your First Job!”, you will find 10 tips to help your new grad get hired. These tips cover everything from making sure their resume is “background check ready”, cleaning up their social media, to the importance of networking and focusing their job search. 

We all want our children to succeed in life. We want them to be happy, healthy, secure, and productive. 

And it is our duty to make sure they have the skills and knowledge to achieve these goals.

Doing what we can now both in our schools and in our homes to prepare them simply makes sense. Are your kids ready?

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