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Are You Ready to be a Mentor?

Mentoring Monday!
Sponsored by Business Journals, Mentoring Monday events across the country give women the chance to meet with successful area business women. The goal is to help grow and strengthen a community of talented and committed women who are dedicated to making women a business force in our country. 

Mentoring Monday simultaneously brings together 10,000 business women in 43 markets across the country. Its format allows for face-to-face “speed mentoring” from female leaders in each city.

Mentoring Monday enables (women) to reconnect with long-time contacts and to connect with people who you would like to meet but might not otherwise have access to.” (Source1)

This goal makes sense!

Giving women mentors who have “been there” and know how to overcome the obstacles present in today’s business world is invaluable.
But while Mentoring Monday is a great start, it shouldn’t stop there. Mentoring should be something that is embraced throughout the year.

And that is especially true in the workplace!

When done right, Mentoring can truly help jumpstart a person’s career.
While some businesses already understand the benefits of a strong internal Mentoring program, not all are as yet so savvy.

Business owners would be wise to embrace the idea of Mentoring. It is a great way to “onboard” new hires, especially those who have recently graduated and interns just entering the workforce. It can also be valuable as a way to get existing employees ready for promotion.

Why Should You Be a Mentor?
A great way to make a difference in your own and someone else's life is to think about what you can do for others. Why not take what you have learned and "pay it forward"? Become a Mentor!.

Many of us can say we had a teacher or parent that helped guide us into becoming who we are today. They encouraged us, led by example, and gave us the tools to achieve our goals. 

But does it, or should it, stop there? I believe we need to keep that momentum going and Mentoring, especially in our professional lives, is where I believe we can shine!

To me, being a Mentor requires that you be genuinely interested in another person’s growth, with no real expectation of tangible personal gain.

Invite the mentee into your “inner circle”. Introduce them to who you know and include them in your professional groups. In other words, “Pay it Forward”, “Make A Difference”, and Pave the Way!". 
excerpts from “Mentoring ~ How You can “Make a Difference”!

If we are lucky, many of us will or have had great mentors in our lives. It may have been a former boss, a teacher, or even a trusted friend.

Good mentoring is not easy. It really takes a sacrifice of time and energy to do it well. But the reward of knowing you have truly helped someone find their own success is worth it.

Do You have what it takes to Be a Mentor? “Tweet This”

How will You know if Mentoring is Right for You?
Being a Mentor is a time commitment. You will need to be there to guide your mentee, help them make connections, and answer their questions when needed. It also helps if you go in with your eyes wide open.

The best mentors are people who:
  • Teach and Lead by Example
  • Truly want to share their Experience and Knowledge
  • Enjoy encouraging and motivating others
  • Are willing to help their Mentees network with other Leaders and Executives
  • Can Step Back and allow their Mentee to set the pace
  • Realize the time commitment and are willing to be flexible and see it through
  • Are Open to Learning something new themselves
  • Can Recognize when it isn’t working
The last trait is perhaps the most important in any mentoring relationship. People that mentor go into it with good intentions. But, as in any relationship, there are times when personalities clash or your or your mentee’s situations change. There simply may come a time that continuing the mentoring relationship is no longer viable.

That is when you may need to part ways. This is not a failure, it is just being realistic. However, there is no need to sever all ties. Instead, you could suggest another mentor that may be a better option. Or, at the very least, keep in touch. You never know when situations may change and your mentoring relationship can move forward.  

But, when it works, there is nothing like it. The best mentoring relationships create a feeling of mutual respect and friendship. They can even forge a potentially life-long connection.
My husband is the perfect example of this. Through the years he has consistently helped people further their own careers. He was there to help them get new and better jobs, answer their questions, encourage their pursuits, and listen to their concerns. He truly feels his greatest professional accomplishment was being able to see so many of the people he helped become successful.

Despite having recently retired, it is a true testament to the kind of mentoring job he did that he remains very close to everyone he has ever helped and is in touch with them often.

When done right, Mentoring is such a positive experience that many mentees pay it forward and eventually become mentors themselves.
And that is when you know your Mentoring has really made a difference!

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Source1: Connecting ~ Get Ready for Mentoring Monday

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