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The “New” Way to Hire ~ Is Your Small Business Ready?

“To Find the Best Candidate, 
Give Traditional Hiring Practices the Day Off”

Not long ago, we saw this quote on a road side billboard, and it got us thinking.....
What would it mean 
to really give the usual way you hire a rest?
If you are like most employers, you already have a hiring formula in place.  

You see a need to hire, advertise the position, weed through resumes, narrow it down to a few select applicants to interview, and then finish it off by screening your top candidate. And it is increasingly possible that you may even automate a small or large part of this process.

But is this hiring formula guaranteed to get you the best results? And an even better question to ask yourself, is this the only and optimum way to hire? While many stand by this method, we think you should consider something different.

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But, what does giving “traditional hiring practices the day off” really mean? We believe it means moving away from traditional, detached, and scientific hiring decisions and trying a more personal touch.

This starts with treating people not as numbers, or as a statistic, but as individuals.
Consider being more broad minded with the resumes you receive.  
Instead of automatically rejecting those that don’t fit every one of your hiring criteria, widen your scope.  

Challenge yourself to find a more diverse group of potential hires. Think non-traditionally when picturing who could fill your open position. Would you automatically think of a young graduate? Maybe consider a seasoned professional. Do you think you must have someone with vast experience? Consider a new grad with drive.

Making these “outside the box” hires can ultimately lead to a better workforce, one filled with people of various ages, sexes, and races. And, even more importantly, one that will also have varying opinions, strengths, and skill sets. 

You can also make some changes when you it comes to the interview stage. Instead of asking your usual questions, branch out and really take a look at your candidates as people. Ask questions that show “how” they think, what drives them, and where they want to go in their career and lives.
Discover the truly unique things these candidates bring to the table.
People are much more than what is listed in their resumes. They are the true sum of their parts ~ personalities, interests, and pasts.

Created by Kim Kline, API

But taking a chance on someone does not mean you have to go in blindly. Instead, give them an informed chance.

As an employer, you have every right to know the background, skills, and history of your applicant. This means doing your due diligence and not skipping the background check.

Employment screening will help you verify that what the applicant shared about their past is true ~ a great step in developing trust in your potential new hire.

At times, the background check may even result in you being confronted with a candidate that has a less than stellar historyThey may have a career path that looks nothing like a straight line. Or had financial troubles that resulted in them filing for bankruptcy. They may even have a criminal record.

Instead of immediately rejecting 
these candidates from your possible hiring pool, take a step back and re-focus.
This need to refocus is especially true when it comes to a criminal past. Making a blanket decision to never hire anyone with a criminal record is unnecessary and counterproductive. According to EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) hiring guidelines, it may even be illegal.

More people than ever have a criminal past. Unilaterally dismissing them makes little sense, and could result in you missing out on a talented new hire. Keeping ex-offenders unemployed is simply not the answer to getting them on the right track.  

Read more about how you can safely hire someone with a criminal past in, “Once a Criminal, Always a Criminal ~ Why We need to Believe in Second Chances”.

That is why it is more important than ever that you consider going against your traditional hiring practices.

Recognize that the information you discover during the background check is only part of the picture.  People are much more. They are capable of change. They learn from their mistakes and experiences. They grow.

This is where Individual Assessments come into play.
Use this time to find out what circumstances may have contributed to their problems. Encourage them to be up front and open with you. Listen without judgment. Creating an atmosphere of trust is key.    

When it comes to a past criminal record, it is important that you uncover all the facts. You need to know whether they were arrested or actually convicted, how long ago their crime occurred, and if there were any relevant mitigating circumstances. This makes sense.  

But, most importantly, learn what they have done since to help them change. 

Discover more about how Individual Assessments can help you hire the right candidate for you in, “Individual Assessments ~ What They Are and Why You Need to Use Them in Your Small Business".

It is human to make mistakes. It is what you do after that really defines you as a person. Anyone who is able to overcome a troubled past should, at the very least, not be automatically dismissed. 

Instead, give yourself a moment to pause and really look at the individual before you now. 

If you think they might be worth taking a chance, you could consider starting them out as a probationary employee. Hiring them on a temporary basis gives them an opportunity to prove themselves without you making a long-term commitment.

In the end, when you give your “traditional hiring practices the day off”, you may be really making a difference in someone’s life.

It can give them the confidence and pride they need to firmly take their lives in a new direction.

And the results may surprise you. You may discover that you will have hired someone who turns out to be the most loyal and productive employee you have ever hired. Remember, people often rise to the occasion when given the chance!
So are you ready to give your traditional hiring practices a rest?  Contact Us!  
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