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Do You Need Inspiration to Run Your Small Business? Then these Quotes will do the Trick!

Created by Kimberly Kline

We all need a little inspiration now and then.  Whether it is to get us through a particularly rough week, or simply to get us going on a Monday morning!

And this need is especially true of Small Business Owners, and even more so if you are a Solopreneur!

The entire success or failure of our businesses lie with us alone. And that is true even as outside pressures, or even people, do their best to derail us!

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to stay focused and positive, we find ourselves falling prey to feelings of inadequacy or indecision.

Entrepreneurs Look for Inspiration Wherever We can Find It! “Tweet This” 

That is when we should look for inspiration wherever we can find it!

Some of us can find it within.  We rely on our own courage and resources to pick ourselves up and keep going.

But many of us need something more.  That is when we search for outside influences and motivation.

I have found my own will to keep going from many sources.  

Sometimes it comes from my peer group.  Being able to vent or bounce ideas off of others who are going through the same things makes sense.

Other times I simply need to break away.  That can mean taking a well-deserved vacation or long weekend or just taking the time to get up and move!

Taking periodic “active” breaks throughout the day has truly helped me stay focused and creative.  Find out more about how you can do this in; “Tips to Help You Gain Focus & Get Active!”.

But how else can we find inspiration in the midst of our day to day grind?
Sometimes all it takes is a few words of wisdom!

For me, those words come from my favorite quotes (and I have shared some of these before in; “Top 10 Motivational Quotes to Inspire You”).

I find that these quotes are often just the quick “pick me up” I need, and I think they could help you too! 

My “go-to” inspirational quotes:

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” and  “Every person’s happiness is their own responsibility.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

I have always believed that we need to CHOOSE each day whether or not to be happy ~ even when we feel anything but!  I have made this conscious choice while going through breast cancer, dealing with the death of my father, and often during lesser times of stress or worry.  And while it might not always be easy, it works! 

And these two are absolutely perfect for every entrepreneur ~

The best way to predict your future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln
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When we make the choice to start our own businesses, we put ourselves squarely in charge of our own future.  With that responsibility, we often need to reach deep and find the strength to keep going.  This is when we truly discover “what lies within us”!

But no matter how hard we try, there are times we will be faced with obstacles along the way.  

Then there are definitely times as entrepreneurs when we must face our fears.  These can be fear of failure and fear that we are not capable enough.

That is when these words help pull me through ~

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Instead of giving in, we must learn to face obstacles head on and remember….

We also need to believe that…….

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Putting ourselves out there and taking a chance is often the hardest part of being an entrepreneur.

That is why, for me, these words from Eleanor Roosevelt make sense…
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Finally, I leave you with this thought…. 
Life is hard but so very beautiful” – Abraham Lincoln

And I believe this with all my heart!!!

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