Sunday, May 1, 2016

These Elections are Driving Me Crazy!

I don’t usually weigh in on political issues (unless they deal with small business), but these elections are driving me crazy!
From the beginning, this race has been a circus. Voters are polarized over the candidates, especially the remaining front runners. The candidates’ positions on the issues, if you can even figure out what they really are, are often clouded by their unrealistic and inflammatory statements.  

And don’t get me started on the debates!  They have been an embarrassment. Candidates have shown themselves to be uncivil, unfocused, and uninformed. It has been both sad and laughable.

These debates have been more about “show” than substance. Media attention has been rampant, but not about what is important. Instead the focus has been on whatever outrageous statements the candidates make about our country and each other.

Many of these candidates, including the ones no longer in the race, have made themselves look ridiculous. I have seen levels of immaturity during these debates that I don’t even see in children.

Where are the thoughtful stands on the issues?  Where are their objectives and goals 
for while in office?  

We deserve the debates to be so much more than calling out the other candidates. We need to know what each candidate wants to do and how they will do it.

And this level of mean spiritedness and immaturity can also be seen in some of the candidates’ supporters! There have been instances of name calling, inappropriate social media posts, and even physical violence.

The truth is that no matter who wins, many of us will end up being unhappy, incredulous, or even outraged.

Frankly, I am dismayed by the way things are going. We are electing the president of our country!
Do these candidates have the qualifications to hold the highest office in the country?

Are These Candidates Really the Best We have to Offer? “Tweet This”
Can this really be the best our country has to offer?

And the responsibility for this lies with both parties. Neither operates with cooperation and integrity in mind. Let alone focused on what is truly best for our country.

Each party’s knee jerk response is to unilaterally shut down anything the other party proposes. It is a “you do this, then we will do that” mentality.

Neither wants the other to get credit for a good idea. They are playing a game that no one can win. And the ones really being hurt are the American people.  

We need and deserve a president who can lead. 
One that is not polarizing. One who can promote an atmosphere of cooperation and accomplishment.

What happened to the idea that our president and representatives are servants of the people?

The original goal of electing officials was that they would represent our wishes and work to make our lives better as a whole.

Can even one of these candidates fit the bill?

Instead, we have politicians who lie to us. They make decisions based on special interests or even personal greed. They will do or say anything to get elected. Then, when they win, will completely focus on their own agenda.  

No wonder many of us are sick of politicians.
Even though I believe there are those who enter political life with good intentions, even they are, in time, tainted by their office. They become career politicians instead of real catalysts for change. They become self-focused instead of people focused.

So, what are we to do when it comes time to vote for our next president?

For me, it will most likely come down to this….I will simply have to dig deep and vote my conscience!

I will make my choice based on the big issues that are truly important to me ~ our economy, people’s rights, health care, and education. 

I will vote for the candidate I believe will do the least harm. Someone who will not ruin this country irreparably in their four years in office.  

But is this the way it should be?
It is truly a sad commentary that in a country full of thoughtful, mindful, and giving people, these are the ones we must choose among to lead us.

But no matter what, I will still vote. My motto is, and has always been, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain!

Every vote matters. Those that give up and simply stop voting are doing themselves and this country a disservice.  Everyone’s voice should be heard.

But, more than anything, 
We need to become INFORMED voters! 
We need to do some research. Look at where the candidates stand on the issues, especially ones that are important to you. Find out their political beliefs or the way they have voted on or supported issues in the past. 
In other words, put in the work!
This is not always easy. When a political race is not focused on the issues but instead on the bad behavior and unprofessionalism of the candidates, it can be hard to wade through the mess. 

But we all have to try to look underneath the gaudiness of the circus, and discover the truth.

Our votes speak for us! Remember, WE are the People!

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