Monday, November 17, 2014

Why I Finally Got a Smartphone

It finally happened.  One day I wake up perfectly happy with the cell phone I have had for the past 7 years, and then very quickly everything changed.  

My phone made calls, took pictures ~ exactly the things a good phone needs to do.  I was content.

Then the next thing I know, the unthinkable happened.  My trusty cell ended up swishing around in my washing machine.

I won’t bore you with the details on how this catastrophe happened (suffice it to say that I should never have carried it downstairs in my laundry basket!).

But by the time I realized that is where my cell ended up, it was too late.  My machine was already filled and agitating!

I tried everything.  I took it apart, shook it gently to get the water out, and even submerged it in a bowl of rice (thanks to a suggestion from one of my “go to” tech people - my daughter).

My Old Cell!

Nothing worked.  It was a goner.  And there was no doubt I needed a working phone.

So, I got the previously mentioned daughter and we went to my wireless carrier store.  Lo and behold, the only phones they even carry anymore are smart phones.  My fate was sealed! 

While waiting for a service rep, I looked around the store.  Because I already had a MacBook Air and an iPad, an Apple phone was the obvious choice.  It would be easier to navigate and my apps would be interchangeable.

Of course I could have chosen the latest and greatest model, but instead I opted for the one where I could get the best deal.  So I entered the world of the iPhone 5s.

I got to pick a pretty cover (love my pink and purple) and chose a good screen protector (while jokingly asking if this helped make my new phone “washer proof”!).

And because I already had an iTunes account, the tech was even able to retrieve my contacts from my old phone!

Pretty soon, I was in business ~ and it was easier than I ever expected!

When I got home, I synced my phone with my iTunes account and all the apps I needed were quickly at my disposal.  I would now be able to get emails, check my social media accounts, and even get updates from Hootsuite on my scheduled posts.

Of course I am still tweaking my settings and learning all the things I am now able to do with my phone.  But I have already discovered that I love having a smartphone more than I ever thought I would.

I had resisted getting one for the longest time (despite being eligible for an upgrade for years).  I was not sure I wanted to be “connected” 24/7.  I liked being able to shut down my laptop or iPad and be “off” work.

But, as with anything, I have found that understanding the pros and cons, and learning what works for me, is what is important.

Here is what I now know about having a smartphone:


  • I am able to check for important emails, and trash the junk ones, while traveling ~ definitely streamlining my inbox before checking my laptop later.

  • My picture taking capabilities, both for work and personal use, have increased greatly.  This is great since I love using my own pics in my social media posts.

  • Replying to a comment on my blog or post is now done more quickly than ever.  This definitely increases timely interaction with my readers.

My Old & My New Cell!


  • I have to fight the urge to check social sites more than I should (it is just too easy).  

  • It can be “too much” access to my business. Constant alerts to emails coming in and group notifications can be overwhelming.  

Setting strict parameters as to when and where to check in has been important in managing both.

And this is the most important lesson I have learned through it all ~ the “ Do Not Disturb” mode is my friend!  

Every evening I silence all notifications except for incoming calls from my “favorites” (my close family).  This way I am not constantly getting buzzed or beeped while relaxing or during the night.  It has been a lifesaver (especially since I did not discover this setting until the second night of having my phone)!

I can now truthfully say that my reluctance to join the world of the smartphone was unfounded.  As with anything new, learning how to make it work for me instead of against me has been key.

Now if I can only keep this one out of the washing machine........

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