Monday, September 15, 2014

How Following My Love of Mysteries Lead Me to My Perfect Business

I love mysteries.  

Whether it is the world I am pulled into with a good book, the latest episode of Sherlock, or even a game of Clue ~ I am riveted.  

I find myself analyzing clues, trying to “read” the possible suspects, and making my prediction as to “Who Done It”.

Many of us are compelled to unravel mysteries. By nature, we are curious creatures. We wonder and surmise about many things. 

I know I am never happier than when I have a puzzle to solve.  That is why I find myself again and again drawn to mysteries, both fictional and real-life.  

And I believe that is what has lead me along my career path ~ running my own Background Check investigation company!

My love of a good mystery helped me develop my critical thinking. It has also taught me how to evaluate information, how to examine things below the surface, and how to take random pieces of information and form a picture that leads to a solution.

These traits have been invaluable assets in my business.  

Many times the investigations I run are all about analyzing clues and getting a clear picture of my subject, whether it is a person or a business. Either way, I need to gather and determine the accuracy of information. I also need to put those pieces together.

This is the profile I then supply my client. They trust me to weed through data and present them with a clear and concise solution. 

I recently had an online connection contact me to help her solve a dilemma. Despite being completely qualified and having a proven track record,  this individual was not getting a job offer from any of the companies where she applied.

Her resume was getting her in the door. She was getting interest from recruiters and HR alike. She even had multiple phone interviews that seemed to go extremely well.

Then she kept hitting a wall. It was a mystery.

That is when I went to work. 

I took a look at her social media profiles ~ since that was her “face” to a perspective employer ~ and made some suggestions for tweaking her “about” sections.  

But the real clue came when I began verifying the information on her resume. I was able to uncover that there were discrepancies between the information listed and what was being supplied by her past employers.

This could be the “red flag” that has been stymying her job search.

She has since made sure that her resume matches exactly what will be found by any background check. According to her, she is now “more confident” about upcoming phone interviews. 

There is a real satisfaction for me in this process. I love taking the unproven information supplied to me and turning that into a verified profile for my client.

I have been very lucky in that I have been able to satisfy multiple sides of my personality through my work.  (You can read more on this in the article I Know Why I do What I Do.)

So, do you know your true strengths?  

Take the time to really look inward. What draws you time and again? What do you find yourself doing and thinking when you let your mind wander?

This is where you will find your own calling. 

I may not have started out thinking that doing Background Checks was where I would end up. But as time has gone on, it makes perfect sense. 

Mystery Solved!

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