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8 Famous Resume Lies & Tips to Help You Clean Your Own Resume - Part 2

People do lie on their resumes, and some most famously!  (See Part 1 of this series for some news worthy examples).

The most common reason people fall into this trap is out of fear that they won’t get the job unless they lie.  They believe their qualifications are lacking, so they “embellish”.

In other cases, they simply want to take the easy way out.  Instead of doing the work or putting in the time, they simply fabricate accomplishments.

However, no matter what the lie, it is best to operate under the assumption that you will be found out.  And when HR managers even suspect you are being less than truthful, the chance of you landing the job plummets.

But what if you have already fabricated information on your resume? What can you do?

Do You roll the dice and hope you won’t get caught?  Do you go back and try to correct your resume while still keeping yourself in the running for the job?

It boils down to have limited choices.  None come without consequences, but what they can do is give you a way to move forward. 

4 Things You can Do if You Have Lied on Your Resume:

Choice 1 ~ You can Do Nothing
Choosing to do nothing means you are opting to wait it out and hoping you won’t get caught.  The danger is if at any time in the future your deception is discovered, you can be fired or, at the very least, embarrassed.
There is also the possibility that the ramifications can resonate. People talk, and it is unlikely that other employers won’t find out.  

Choice 2 ~ You can Resubmit an Updated Resume
If you choose this option, you must update anything in your resume where you were less than truthful. This could mean fixing dates of employment or job titles, re-wording your accomplishments, etc.  

It is important that you supply your interviewer with this revised copy. Be sure to explain that you noticed some errors and wanted them to have an updated copy.

While this might take you out of the running for the job, you most likely won’t have burned any bridges.

Choice 3 ~ You can Tell the Truth
The risk you take here is that you will most likely blow your chance of getting hired. The plus is that you can now move forward again in your job search ~ as long as you make sure to correct all the errors on your resume before applying!

However, if you are lucky enough to be given a second chance, at least you will not have to look over your shoulder for the shoe to drop.

Choice 4 ~ You can Withdraw Your Application
This, by far, is the safest option. With each of the other choices, you take the chance that you will lose the job, either now or when they find out in the future.

You don’t have to explain why. It is best to just say thank you, but that you are no longer interested in the position. This allows you an easy exit.

Each of these 4 choices deal with a fabricated resume after the fact. However, your absolute best option is to be honest on your resume in the first place.

So before you fall into this trap, 
get your resume “background check ready” with these tipsThere is no doubt that having a resume that can withstand scrutiny is your best defense.

As a Cautionary Tale, we leave you with these “Outrageous Resume Lies” found in actual resumes and cover letters via 

Have You ever Lied on a Resume? Would You? What is the craziest resume lie you have ever seen? Share them here!

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