Monday, July 14, 2014

Small Businesses Need to Band Together!

Have You surrounded yourself with a Team of Small Businesses?
Trying to create a successful business can be a challenge for any small business ~ especially when we are competing with companies much bigger than ours. However, There is Hope!

The Power of Small Business Grows When We Band Together!   "Tweet This"

By joining with other small businesses, we can pool our resources, our knowledge, and our experiences to create a powerful community. Instead of only looking at other businesses as rivals, we need to see ourselves as partners working toward a common goal ~ and building a trusted band of other small business owners is an amazing way to start!

3 Easy Ways to Build a Small Business Community:
  • Join Up  
You can tap into the power of support and collaboration by creating or joining a small business group. A group can help you develop relationships and share advice with your fellow entrepreneurs. It is also a way to have a larger voice in community issues. 

Most importantly, these groups are a great way to Network and Pay it Forward by actively looking for opportunities to help your fellow members.  

One way is to refer those in your "band of businesses" to your own clients, and in turn they may do the same. We all know that great Networking is a two-way street. By promoting the goods and services of other small businesses, they will most likely be sure to return the favor.  

If meeting in person is not possible, or you want to widen your small business community, you can create a “virtual” group and meet online.

Either way, you are building a like-minded network of resources and business opportunities.
  • Share the Wealth of Your Knowledge
Large companies have the option of dipping into pools of talent in-house. Small businesses don’t often have that luxury.

Many times the burden falls squarely on our shoulders alone, even when we may not be entirely sure of ourselves.

Instead, call on your fellow small business owners for advice. You are sure to know someone who has run into the same problem or has a suggestion to help you. In turn, you can share your own knowledge.

As Small business owners we have a lot to contribute ~ and why not use what we know to help others?  
  • Shop Small 
We all know the benefits of doing business with small business as individuals (you can read our thoughts here). But it needn’t stop there.

As small businesses ourselves, we should strive to do business with other small businesses. For example, next time you need businesses cards, forgo the big stores and find a small company for your print needs.

Want a new logo? How about giving the job to an independent design company? At API, we used fellow entrepreneur Penny Perasso to design or logo and other media graphics ~ and we loved the results!

We have also used several small companies when buying client giftsThese small merchants provided us with original and high quality items...and our clients have noticed!  

You may even want to buy business supplies, hire temp workers, or even outsource to a local agency. Any time you can spend your hard earned money with a small merchant, do it!
When Small Business helps Small Business, We have Power.  
By joining forces we can pull on the vast wisdom and experience possessed by our fellow entrepreneurs. And that is definitely a good thing! Are You Ready?

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