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5 Tips to Help You Make the Best “Holiday Hires”!

Is Your Business Hiring for the Holidays?
Find out what You Need to Know Now!
Anyone who will be out shopping in the next  couple months or so will come in contact with “holiday hires”. These employees are hired on a seasonal basis to keep a company running during this hectic season.

While it may seem that finding and hiring seasonal employees would be an easy task ~ there are definite pitfalls that you need to avoid. 

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The key to making this hiring process run smoothly? Developing sound guidelines and sticking to them! Going in haphazardly or rushed will only set you up for failure.

So, when you find yourself in need of Holiday Hires (or any temp employees for that matter), these 5 tips will help you make the best decisions.

5 Tips for Hiring Seasonal Workers
  • Start Early
If at all possible, avoid beginning your seasonal hiring process until the last minute. Giving yourself the time you need to find the best temporary employees will save you a lot of headaches.

Even if you find yourself getting a late start, following these other tips can still help you be successful in your quest.
  • Stick with What Works
If your existing hiring practices are successful, why change them for your temporary hires? Many will argue that the rushed timeframe and pressure to fill your hiring needs justifies cutting corners. I completely disagree. Doing so will only open your company to unnecessary risk.

Instead, it is more important than ever for you to maintain your hiring standards. Be sure to follow your usual interview and screening processes to ensure the safety and integrity of your company.
  • Check References and Criminal History
Many times, the temporary nature of “seasonal employees” and the heightened sense of urgency fools companies into believing they can skip this step.

This is a possibly costly mistake. Unless your hire has worked for you before, omitting the background check can cause you major problems. It is actually more important than ever to make sure your new hire is reliable and trustworthy.

Having to worry about whether they will show up on time or is apt to steal from you simply adds more stress to the holiday chaos. That is why checking references and criminal history may actually be more important than ever.
Discover more about why using Background Checks makes Sense for Your Small Business, HERE!

  • Use Previous Hires or Existing Resources
Don’t forget about temporary workers you have used in holidays past. They are a great pool of talent to fill your needs. You can even tap into the friends and families of your existing employees, college students on break, or retirees.

Each of these resources can help you find the seasonal hires you need, and many have the flexible schedules you want.
  • Don’t Overlook Training
While you may not be able to offer your usual orientation to get your seasonal employees up to speed, you still need to provide a condensed version to make sure your news hires will be ready to step right in.

It is important you develop a training plan that focuses on exactly what your holiday hires need to know to be successful. Place special emphasis on working safely, customer service, and following procedures.

Remember, even temporary employees are the face of your company. It is crucial to realize they are often the first thing your customers see. A bad impression can leave them with a lasting, negative feeling about you and your company ~ one that will remain long after the holiday rush. Therefore, hiring the best possible should be your ultimate goal.

Following these 5 tips will help you make the successful seasonal hires you need.   
These hires can then turn into a great resource for finding permanent employees. That is why doing it right the first time makes sense!
Do you have tips for surviving the Holiday Rush? Please leave them in the comments below!

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