Monday, August 19, 2013

O’Friel Consulting in This Week’s “Small Business Spotlight”!

Robert O’Friel started O’Friel Consulting in early 2012 with a goal to offer Personal Development Coaching.  His focus was to help people ready to make a change or a transition in their life.

O’Friel Consulting has evolved to also include Small Business Consulting services.  O’Friel works with Small Business Owners to help them tap into the expertise and ideas of their employees.

Robert pulled on his 22 years of experience coaching, leading, and managing people as the foundation for O’Friel Consulting.  He had also dreamed of starting his own business, so combining these two goals was natural.

According to Robert;

“I have always had the most satisfaction from helping others, and I especially enjoy helping others to set goals, and to entertain their dreams.”

Recently, Robert invited a long term colleague, Lorraine Diamond, to join O’Friel Consulting. Lorraine’s passion for coaching, background in management, and her operational experience are added benefits to O’Friel.

With their one on one coaching, O’Friel Consulting can help You gain a clear picture of your situation. They will organize your thoughts in a logical manner and encourage you to consider your options for moving forward.  O’Friel’s personalized approach will help guide you toward whatever you are trying to accomplish. 

O’Friel believes many people want to change their situation in life.  Some have no idea how, while others have very specific ideas, dreams, and goals in mind.

In either case, O’Friel will help you decide upon a destination and develop a specific plan to get you where you want to go.  They will hold you accountable to yourself, and cheer for your victories and accomplishments along the way.

O’Friel also works with small business owners and employees to strengthen their work environment. By proactively engaging employees, employers are able to tap into their insights and talents to help improve the business culture and quality of their product or service.

That is where O’Friel Consulting can help.  Robert and Lorraine will design a plan to gage the culture and morale of your workplace.  By gathering data and feedback directly from your employees, they are able to give a small business owner a comprehensive report of what is working and what needs to be worked on to improve their employee’s overall satisfaction.

O’Friel Consulting’s goal is to help small business owners turn their employee’s concerns and suggestions into profits!

Whether you are looking for coaching or help with measuring employee satisfaction, your initial consultation with O’Friel Consulting is always free.   There is no risk.

To find out more about what O’Friel Consulting can do for You, be sure to check out their website or contact them by phone or email.  They would love to help You reach your Own Success!

O'Friel Consulting
Robert O'Friel, owner
Phone:  724-816-0819

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