Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cinco Squared is this week’s “Small Business Spotlight” featured Company!

Want a unique way to fundraise or reward your clients and employees, Check Out Cinco Squared!

Cinco Squared was launched by owner Dave Siedt in early 2012.  Dave’s goal was to fill what he saw as a need for many businesses to better engage with their customers through their fundraising and marketing efforts.

He saw many businesses that were frustrated with the high cost of existing marketing and customer service programs, with very little return on their investment.  In Dave’s mind, there had to be a better way!

Dave believed that he had found the solution, and Cinco Squared took shape.

Cinco Squared programs provide their clients with ways to run fundraisers, create customer loyalty programs, and reward their employees.  They perfectly combine customer engagement and business ROI through their “digital scratch and win” system.  This system allows their clients to customize their prizes and rewards by offering literally “anything they want”.

The uniqueness of the Cinco Squared system is in its flexibility.  You define the prizes - local discounts, free admission, gift cards - really your imagination is the limit - and Cinco Squared helps you with the rest!  You can also create and launch your program in minutes.

Their system is designed to help businesses, non-profits, and even schools - all for as little as $7 per month.  Uses include fundraising, customer loyalty programs, and employee and student rewards.  It can also serve as a lead generation tool for trade shows.


Dave realizes that non-profits are in a difficult situation.   Reductions in volunteerism, more competition, and a weakened economy have stretched their resources.  He also knows that traditional methods of fundraising are flawed - often yielding little profit.

Cinco Squared gives non-profits the ability to raise money much more effectively with less time, money, and resources.  It is perfect for organizations such as Fire Departments, booster clubs, scouts, foundations, community events, and religious organizations.

Business Marketing and Customer Loyalty

Businesses realize that Customer Loyalty programs and Coupons are great ways to retain customers and increase sales.  However, they can be very costly, which is prohibitive for many Small Businesses.

Cinco Squared gives businesses the ability to generate branded “SquareUp Cards” that they can give to customers or potential customers for a chance to win prizes and discounts.  No other marketing method offers a better return on investment or requires the less resources than Cinco Squared.

Employee and Student Rewards

Companies and Educators are always looking for ways to boost employee/student performance and morale.  They want something that both provides incentive and is entertaining. Cinco Squared is the answer.

Cinco Squared give companies and educators the ability to create customized reward certificates that can then be redeemed for prizes.  By awarding these certificates, companies and schools are helping to generate excitement and offering an incentive for hard work.

According to Dave,

“The possibilities are endless” with the Cinco Squared system. “Our technology with your creativity equals success!”

To find out more about how Cinco Squared can help You, please visit their website , watch their video , or connect with them through the links below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CincoSquared
Brochures: https://cincosquared.com/solutions
Blogs: http://www.blogger.com/profile/08875718103274440239

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