Tuesday, July 30, 2013

“Small Business Spotlight” - Joe Soltis and Soltis Consulting!

As a slight departure from the usual “Small Business Spotlight” article, I am taking this week to feature and congratulate Joe Soltis and his company, Soltis Consulting, on 19 Years in Business!

Joe started Soltis Consulting in August 1994.  With over 25 years experience, Joe uses his skills and business acumen to help other Small Business Owners achieve their goals.

Joe considers himself as part of a team with every client.  He helps to oversee their “day-to-day” business operations, as well as develop new business.

Soltis Consulting focuses on creating “streamlined business operations” for each client.  Their services include business development and planning, organizational process development, financial resource management, training, and much more.

Each client can be assured that Soltis Consulting will provide them with a strategic program tailored to their needs.  Joe can assist with everything from basic business services to a more in-depth program covering lead generation and and sales.  He will even help create and implement automated accounting systems.

Joe is also a huge proponent for Small Business.  He publishes an online newspaper, “Small Business Owner Weekly Review”.  Each edition features many articles of interest to the Small Business owner.  The topics cover business strategy and operations, business structure, and much more.

 A prolific writer, Joe writes many articles throughout the year geared toward educating and encouraging other Small Business Owners.  He shares these articles on many of his Social Media platforms.  His blog can be found at http://soltisconsulting1.wordpress.com/ .  As always, his focus is on promoting communication and sharing knowledge.

According to Joe;
“Communication is one of the most basic functions of management in any organization, and the importance can never be over emphasized.”

On a personal note:  Joe Soltis has been a wonderful friend.  He was one of the first to welcome me when I entered the world of Facebook, and he regularly contacts me with help, suggestions, a pep talk, or just to chat.  I have found his commitment to helping other small business owners unparalleled.

I encourage you to learn more about Joe Soltis and his business, Soltis Consulting, through the links in this article and the links below.  You are sure to find information and tips to help you with your Small Business.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SoltisConsulting

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And once again, Congratulations Joe and Soltis Consulting for 19 years in business......and we all hope for many more!

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