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8 Easy Tips to Help You Take a Vacation ~ and Why You Should!

As we take a week off after the holidays, it is time once again to share our tips on how we manage to "break away" from our Small Business and how you can too......

Are You Planning to Take a Vacation? Many “Solopreneurs” would answer with a resounding “No”! And just as many would probably continue that by saying “and I don’t plan to”!

We have learned and put into practice 8 Steps that you can take to both create the time you need and help you organize your business so you can relax while you are away.

The reality is that any steps you take now to reduce your workload and pre-schedule what is necessary will help.

You will Need To:
  • Decide When 
The important thing is to choose a time that works well for you and your business. You can lessen the impact of taking time off by opting for a slow time of year.  Our best time usually happens to be summer and major holidays. That is traditionally when businesses are not interviewing or hiring. No matter what time you choose, put it in your calendar. Treat it as you would an important appointment.
    • Defer and/or Complete Outstanding Projects 
    Any projects that are not vital you can choose to put off until your return. Those that are important, or near completion, will require extra hours to finish before you leave. Besides freeing your calendar, this also helps lessen your stress so you can relax during your vacation.
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      • Organize 
      We suggest you notify your clients at least 2 weeks in advance of your vacation if at all possible. Offer to do what you can before you leave and reconnect with them when you return, with ample notice this should not be a problem.
        • Hire a Virtual Assistant or Contract Employee  
        At API we have never utilized this tip, but it can make sense if your business requires it. Keep in mind that hiring either a virtual assistant or “seasonal” employee would require you to take the time to rearrange your schedule and bring your hire up to speed.
          • Pre-Schedule Your Social Media Posts or Blogs 
          Here is where using Hootsuite and Buffer has been invaluable. This will keep your “social media presence” active so you don’t lose ground. We also try to check in at a minimum while away. Remember, this is vacation!
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            • Pre-Pay Outstanding Bills  
            We have found this gives us the peace of mind to enjoy our time off, and we don’t come back to a stack of bills to pay!
              • Invoice for Completed Work  
              This helps clear your desk and it is nice to have a check or two to return to!
                • Make a Priority List  
                Write down what you will need to attend to and when you will need to address it for your return. Having a “re-entry” plan is important for getting you back up to speed.

                Taking a Break from Your Small Business is Possible ~ If You Plan, Plan, Plan!  "Tweet This"
                  If you still think taking a week long, or longer, vacation is out of reach, explore the option of “short breaks”.  
                  Maybe you can arrange to get away for a long weekend or two. The key is to find what works for you. Most importantly, with the right prep work you can and should enjoy your time away.

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                  With the stress of running your own business, you need downtime.  
                  You need a chance to decompress and focus on yourself, something many small business owners  rarely get to do. We guarantee that your good clients will understand. After all, they are probably in the same boat. And it is possible will a little pre-planning!
                  Another upside to getting away, you will return rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated. And that alone makes it all worth it!

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