Thursday, May 16, 2013

Small Business Spotlight - Siostra Artistry & Marketing!

Introducing Lara McKusky-Taylor, Kate McKusky and their business, Siostra Artistry & Marketing, in this week’s “Small Business Spotlight”!

Siostra Artistry & Marketing is owned and operated by two sisters, Lara McKusky-Taylor and Kate McKusky.  They specialize in “coaching your at-home business, small boutique business or side-job passion to the next level!”.

Just what does “Siostra” mean?  The word means “sister” in Polish and is pronounced “sew-stra”.  The McKusky sisters thought this was a fitting name to honor both their Polish heritage and to describe their company.  They also believe it illustrates perfectly their ability to work together as a team!

Lara and Kate were born 12 years apart, and they believe this “mixture of decades” provides their clients with “a youthful approach coupled with business acumen”.  This helps encourage a “what box?” approach to their business.

The sisters started Siostra when they were both underemployed and struggling!  Their central philosophy is “doing what we love”, and this has carried them from the beginning.

Lara and Kate also believe in the ability to be flexible.  Lara excels as a graphic designer and Kate is a professional writer, although Lara writes often as well.  Kate also minored in photography.  This unique mixture allows them to offer their clients a broad range of services.

Siostra can help you create your “brand” through the development of a Facebook page, Twitter page, and blog.  Each will be integrated in order to provide a consistent and professional extension of you and your company.

They can also design a new logo, labels, tags, and signs for both promotion and packaging.  Lara and Kate create them with the idea of making your company look polished and professional.

Siostra extends their services by being able to provide you with a polished bio and professional head shots.  They have even recently added Brand Coaching.  Siostra is truly an all-inclusive marketing company.      

Lara and Kate invite you to contact them at
with any questions.  Let them know what your business needs to expand your brand, and they can help!

You can learn more about Siostra Artistry & Marketing and what they can do for you by clicking on the following links:


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