Monday, September 10, 2012

Why You Should Do Business with Small Business!

Promoting Small Business
We are heading towards a busy retail season and are faced with many choices of where to spend our money. But when it comes time to make that purchase, please don't forget about Small Businesses!

An article on the Small Business Association (SBA) website outline some interesting facts on small businesses in America, "
10 Interesting facts about American SmallBusinesses".  *Source1

The article got us thinking about what the real tangible benefits are to doing business with Small Business

Many times we hear the phrase “shop local”. It is touted as the next best way to keep money within your community and help keep small businesses operating. While this is certainly true, I believe there are even more reasons to “shop” small businesses.
5 Reasons Doing Business with Small

 Business Makes Sense:

1.        Customer Service – This had to make number 1 on the list. Small Businesses strive to treat their customers like their “community”. They are willing to go the extra mile to deliver personal service. Most importantly, when problems or issues do occur, your concerns are not answered by some automated system or string of customer relations “specialists”. The chain of command is much shorter and issues are dealt with by a real person that has the authority to really help solve your problem.

2.      Commitment to Quality – Small Business owners want and need you as a customer. Most do not have large, wide spread, customer bases. To put it in direct terms, they cannot afford to lose you or risk their hard-earned reputation. One lost customer can really make a difference to them.

3.      Pride – Owners of Small Businesses have a fundamental sense of pride and accomplishment in their “creation”. They believe in their product and service with a fierce passion. While this pride is not exclusive to small business, it is definitely is what drives the small business owner. 

4.      Building Community – Small Business Owners are willing, and perceive it as vital, to build local connections. They are committed to creating a reciprocal network with other small businesses. A Small Business Network strengthens existing small businesses and creates a welcoming environment to new ones.

5.      Niche Market – Many Small Businesses are able to fill a void left by larger companies. Ever been to a “quirky” clothing shop or a small bistro? How about an “eclectic” furniture store or local coffee shop? These small business owners identified a need, created a solution to that need, and launched a small business to meet that need. 

So, Is doing business with Small Business really “Smart Business”?  We think so!  

Remember, each time you use a small business to buy a product or use a service, you are not only aiding in their success, you are also enjoying some real benefits yourself! 

So, when it comes time to spend your hard earned money, make sure you

Please Pay it Forward and 
Pass it On!

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  1. Excellent article! This make so much sense, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your comments once again Veronica! I am surprised that there is any resistance at all to "shopping small", but I feel the movement is gaining momentum. It goes along nicely with the current growing trend to shop for things made in the U.S.A.

  2. Right on ! I no longer do business with companies that put me through the agony of their automoated service systems. These places provide their personal service while taking your order, but when it comes to helping you afterwards forget it!

    Just as bad as the automated service systems are the large companies who staff overseas customer service labor. If I buy something in America and later have an issue, I want to speak to someone in America !

    Go small. Go local. Go U.S.A.

    1. I really appreciate your thoughts Karen. I believe you have definitely spoken for a lot of people when you mention the "automated" customer service systems and the outsourcing of those jobs. It can most certainly be a frustrating experience.

      I believe the future of our country can ride on the concept of "shop local" - especially when "local" really means buy American if at all possible.

      Thanks again for taking the time to read my post and comment.



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