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Why You Need to Swing for the Fences ~ Especially When it Comes to Your Small Business

Swing Big in Your Small Business!

A new baseball season has begun.  From school teams all the way up to the majors, many of us are once again caught up in the excitement of watching our favorite teams.

Recently my favorite team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, was playing a pre-season game in Bradenton, FL..  We were down by a run when Andrew McCutchen came up to bat.  With one powerful swing, he sent the first pitch flying towards the center field wall, bringing in 2 runs.  

In the midst of my wild cheering (which my neighbors will surely attest to), I heard one of the announcers say that McCutchen was “swinging for the fences”.  I hadn’t heard that phrase in awhile, but it got me thinking.

There is no doubt ~ We all love the long ball.  

The thrill of having our team up at bat and watching as one of our players really connects.  Seeing the big swing, hearing the ball crack off the bat, and watching it rise until it flies over the fence ~ there is really nothing quite like it.

It is one of the greatest moments in baseball.

And hitting that long ball is also important in your small business.

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When you are starting or running your own business, there are times when you just have to put your fears aside and go for it

For many of us, that big swing is simply starting our own businesses in the first place.  Being an entrepreneur is risky, especially if we are going it alone.  It is daunting knowing that all the responsibility lies solely on our own shoulders.

I understand.  I felt that way when I started my background check company.  It was definitely nerve wracking and many times I was unsure I was doing the right thing.     

But at the same time, I also enjoyed the thrill of taking a chance and going for it.  As in most things, there is rarely a “perfect” time, so why wait?  I share a lot more about my journey into entrepreneurship in; What I have Learned by Starting my Own Business”! 

I also took a big swing when I started my blog.  Blogging was a very foreign concept, but I didn’t let that stop me.  I just plunged in and started writing ~ and I am so happy I did.

I have gotten so much out of it!  I reached a wider client pool, became more knowledgable about my industry, and developed an increased passion for my work.

You can learn more about my blogging journey here!

If I hadn’t been willing to swing big, then none of that may ever have happened.

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Every batter that steps to the plate feels some sense of fear.  Fear of not connecting with the pitch.  Fear of letting their team and fans down.

You probably experience that same fear when making a big decision ~ especially when that decision is about your business.

Fear is normal.  

But instead of it derailing you, let it drive you.  Use the adrenaline to your advantage and SWING.

I think You will be glad you did!

But that doesn’t mean that you have to go for the huge swing every time.  There are times when the situation may call for a single or even a bunt. 

The key is not to get so complacent that those small hits become enough. There comes a times when you just have to take the chance and go big.

This is especially important for Women Entrepreneurs. 

Too often we lack the belief in ourselves to think and dream big. Or we let others stop us from taking the leap.

It is perfectly normal to question yourself.  What is important, however, is that you don’t let your fear keep you from moving forward.

Consider this quote from Amy Poehler;

“Great people do things before they're ready. They do things before they know they can do it.”

Are You ready to Be Great and Swing Away?

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