Tuesday, September 2, 2014

3 Reasons Why Labor Day and Small Business are a Perfect Partnership

Created by Kimberly Kline, API

For many, Labor Day marks 
the end of summer and 
the beginning of a new school year.  
However, more importantly, 
it also represents each and every one of us 
who work hard to take care of our families 
and to strengthen our country.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, we celebrate Labor Day as a way to “pay tribute to the creator of so much of the nation's strength, freedom, and leadership — the American worker.”

And this most definitely means Small Business and the hardworking women and men who are running them.

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3 Reasons Why 
Small Business & Labor Day 
are Perfect Partners:

  • Small Businesses are Vital to the U.S. Economy
Today, there are over 28 million Small businesses, making up more than 75% of the total businesses in the U.S., and our numbers are increasing each year. We also employ over 50% of the current working population (according to Forbes) and have created more than 63% of the new jobs in the U.S. since 1993 (www.sba.gov). 

The economic landscape and downsizing of larger businesses most likely prompted the trend towards entrepreneurship.  However, the current climate favors “shopping small” and this bodes well for the success of Small Business.

  • Small Business Owners Recognize the Importance of Their Employees
Small Business owners more than anyone understand the need to appreciate our employees.  We work more closely and rely more heavily on them than our larger counterparts. 

Smart small business owners realize that our employees are key to our survival.  They are hands-on with our customers and with our products and services.  We rely on them for the success of our day-to-day operations.

Not just on Labor Day, but each and every day, Small Business owners recognize the importance of valuing our employees.  Treating them with respect and committing ourselves to them is the best way of getting that in return - a recipe for our company’s success.

  • Small Business Owners Embrace the Work Ethic
Along with celebrating our employees, we also need to recognize ourselves and our accomplishments.  We took the leap and started our own business.  We continue working day in and day out to provide for our families and the families of our employees.  Even in a down economy, or perhaps because of it, we have forged our own paths and found a way to make it work.

For me, this quote sums it up perfectly;

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Small Businesses provide that opportunity ~ And that is something to Celebrate!

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